More Halloween Cut files-KNK,SCUT,SVG,AI

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I am really having fun with all the Halloween stuff.
I thought these witch legs would be really cute on a Halloween card or scrapbook page.
I have converted this file into AI, KNK,AI, SCUT and SVG.
I am working on a few more for Halloween, so check back in a few days, I should have them done soon.

witchlegs KNK
witchlegs AI
witchleges SVG
witchlegs MTC

9 thoughts on “More Halloween Cut files-KNK,SCUT,SVG,AI”

  1. I couldn’t find an email to write to you, so I’m posting a comment, I hope that is okay.
    Over on the MTC (Make the Cut) forum, people have been trying to get your wtiches legs to import into MTC. I was able to take the AI file and bring it in, but some people don’t have that program, and the svg file isn’t working. I was wondering if it would be okay to either share the MTC file with those on the fourm, or send you the MTC file so that those with MTC could come here and download the file themselves. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  2. Thank you so much for posting and sharing the MTC file! I’m going to try to make a little sign for a friend of mine if it comes out good I’ll post a link 🙂

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