Freebie Cookie Box-KNK,AI,GSD,SVG

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Just in time for all that Christmas baking. I made up a bunch of these for all my friends at work. Now I just have to bake,bake,bake!
The completed box measures about 6x 3.5 x2.

cookiebox KNK
cookiebox AI
cookiebox4 GSD
cookiebox4 SVG

5 thoughts on “Freebie Cookie Box-KNK,AI,GSD,SVG”

  1. I have tried to cut out your Christmas cookie box and it seems to cut out the scoring lines? I am new to SCALA Am I doing something wrong? I love this box

  2. gisstudio, I have a free plug-in I downloaded that lets me cut ditcerly from Illustrator to the Sihouette machine, bypassing Studio completely.Alternatively, you can save an Illustrator file as a dxf and Silhouette Studio will open it and cut it. (This gets a little glitchy sometimes, so be sure to ungroup first in Illustrator and then paste your design into a new document before saving as a dxf. Don’t know why this works, but it does.)In the pixel heart post, I made the .studio file a different way. I filled the heart with black (including the hole) and saved it as a png from Illustrator. I opened the png in Studio and used the trace function to make the outline. Then drew the hole back in using the rectangle shape tool in Studio. Grouped them and copied them. A note–the trace function only works decently on shapes that are filled. It goes haywire when you try to trace an item with holes cut out of the inside. You have to trace the holes separately and put them back into the main shape. Tracing a png results in red cut lines with vector points. Opening a dxf file will show black lines with no vector points, but they will still cut.Hope that helps!

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