Pumpkin Treat Box-Freebie-AI,DXF,GSD,SVG,SCUT,WPC,KNK

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I just finished these cute little pumpkin boxes, I cut them on my Klic-n-Kut which only has a 9 in cutting width. They come out small but are big enough to fit a few pieces of candy. The finished size is about 3×3 in.
Please leave a comment if you download this file, it is really appreciated.

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Download Here

pumpkinbox AI
pumpkinbox DXF
pumpkinbox GSD
pumpkinboxlayers SCUT2
pumpkinbox SVG
pumpkinbox WPC
pumpkinbox2 KNK

44 thoughts on “Pumpkin Treat Box-Freebie-AI,DXF,GSD,SVG,SCUT,WPC,KNK”

  1. First of all, I have never seen your blog….and I must say I love it, so cute. Your pumpkin box is absolutly adorable. I will definitely be a follower of your blog. keep up the good work.

  2. Ooh!! this is wonderful! I think I’ll try to cut out some for my son’s 4th grade class. These are so cute! Thank you!!

  3. I love these little pumpkin boxes! However, I am a complete newbie with a 15″ Lynx by Black Cat. I cut the first pumpkin cutting ALL the lines! Oops! So then I thought I needed to cut just the orange lines for the outline. However, that didn’t cut the little handles out. Can you explain to me what lines are for what? Thanks so much!

  4. What a cute box. I will have to save this for next year for my kids school friends. We are in the process of moving and will be on the road to our new place for Halloween.

  5. To darn cute. I was looking for something to make and give to coworkers for Halloween, this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi
    I love this cut file & downloaded the svg version for SCAL2 however I too am getting all ‘cut’ lines. I’ve tried breaking it apart and welding together without any luck. Has anyone else been successful in cutting this properly?

  7. Steph, sorry to hear about your blog being hacked. What??? I didn’t know this could be done (naive!) Makes me shudder to think. Love this little pumpkin box. I only have a Baby Bug, so it would be minuscule (hoping hubby takes my hints for an Expression this Christmas), but if you don’t mind, I have taken it to see if I can figure out a way to make it in two pieces, so I can get one of a decent size from my Bug. Thanks again, Laura

  8. I am trying to cut this on my cricut. Need to have them done by Friday for my daughters pre-k fall festival. I am having problems cutting it it is cutting it into pieces so I cannot fold them. Can anyone help me? Do I need to have weld on?

  9. Hello,I just found your site. You are very creative and I am thrilled to find these adorable pumpkins. Thank you for allowing me to download the file. Oh and I downloaded the parrot! Thank you so much!

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