Winter Ice Skates- SVG- SCUT cut file

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Winter and Christmas are just around the corner!!!

I just made this cute SVG and SCUT file of an ice skate, you could use this for your Christmas cards that you are going to make and send out this year, lets get started early!!!



Christmas Tree’s-Freebie-AI,GSD,DXF,KNK,SVG,SCUT,WPC

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OK here’s another Christmas freebie, I’m on a roll.

ctrees AI
ctrees DXF
ctrees GSD
ctrees KNK
ctrees SCUT
ctrees SVG
ctrees WPC

Birthday Boy Invite-Freebie-AI,GSD,DXF,SVG,SCUT,WPC,KNK

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I’ve been working on this cute little birthday invite. I have 2 grandsons, ages 6 and 3 that inspire me everyday.

Please leave a comment if you download this file, I love feedback!!

boybirthdaytruck AI
boybirthdaytruck DXF
boybirthdaytruck GSD
boytruckbirthday SCUT
boybirthdaytruck SVG
boybirthdaytruck WPC
boytruckbirthday KNKboybirthdaytruckGSD

Flip Flops-Freebie Cut File-

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I’m trying to Think Spring!! It has been one of the coldest and longest winters here in Florida. All the shrubs and plants I had in my yard and lanai died, I had a beautiful Hawaiian Lei plant I am hoping will come back. I had just planted tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and onions.
They were growing beautifully.
So, time to think of warmer weather, here is a set of flip flops I just whipped up. I did’nt have time to make them up so this is the svg image of them.

flipflop KNK
flipflops DXF
flipflops GSD
flipflops SCUT
Flipflop SVG
flipflop WPC
flipflop AI

Laughing Cow Freebie Cut File-KNK,AI,GSD,SVG

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Happy New Year Everyone!!
Here is a cute little cow I had made into a paper piecing some time ago.
I have just finished making the cutting file for him and wanted to share him with you all.
I did’nt include the black spots on the cow in the cutting file but you can make those simply enough with scissor or punches.


Freebie Cookie Box-KNK,AI,GSD,SVG

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Just in time for all that Christmas baking. I made up a bunch of these for all my friends at work. Now I just have to bake,bake,bake!
The completed box measures about 6x 3.5 x2.

cookiebox KNK
cookiebox AI
cookiebox4 GSD
cookiebox4 SVG

New Freebie-Mom to Be-GSD,KNK,SCUT,SVG

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This file is one that I had done as a paper piecing a long time ago.
I have always loved this one, so I made a cutter file for it so it would be easier to make.

Have fun with this one!

Mom To Be-SVG
Mom To Be-SCUT

Click links to download Zip files.

Fishing Lure-Cutter file-Freebie-GSD,KNK,SCUT,AI

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I just completed this file of a fishing lure, I used shiny mirror like silver paper, it really turned out cute, add it to your scrapbooking page with a piece of string and some pop dots for 3-D dimension it will look awesome.


Fishing Lure GSD
Fishing Lure KNK
Fishing Lure SCUT
Fishing Lure AI

Click link to download zip file

My Latest Freebie-Pink Flamingo

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Good day all,
I have been really busy this last couple of weeks, and have not had much time to work on much of anything.

I managed to get this old paper piecing I did many moons ago converted to a KNK file.
Below is a preview of the file
Thanks for your support!

Pink Flamingo knk file

Click link to download zip file

Tear Bear KNK freebie file

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Hi everyone,

This cute tear bear was made using the dashed line, I just wet the paper with a q-tip before I pulled apart at the dashed lines, worked great!!


Tear Bear KNK
Click link to download zip file

Tear Bear GSD